The Brilliant Meetings® process is the product of years of experience and research in how to best help groups achieve important collaborative breakthroughs.

A collaborative breakthrough occurs when a group of individuals discovers a stunningly powerful, yet previously unexpected solution to a persistent issue or major challenge. Achieving a collaborative breakthrough is not a mere exercise in group puzzle solving, where the problem can eventually be "cracked" by simply applying sufficient brute intelligence and diligent effort. Quite to the contrary, a collaborative breakthrough usually comes about only after the repeated failure of more conventional approaches. A unique type of collaboration is essential for a breakthrough to occur by design rather than chance. However, the dynamics involved are often counter-intuitive and, consequently, difficult to master. We understand those dynamics and how to help a group make it happen.


We understand how a breakthrough occurs in a group setting and have developed our Brilliant Meetings® process to create the conditions essential for its emergence.

Important breakthroughs seldom if ever occur by applying the same processes used in ordinary meetings. In fact, the same behaviors and implicit rules which contribute to the successfully handling of agenda items in an ordinary meeting almost ensure that breakthroughs will not occur. Even the use of conventional meeting facilitators will not systematically deliver a collaborative breakthroughs. Where conventional facilitators can be quite useful if the objective is simply to improve meeting effectiveness, collaborative breakthroughs demand a very different kind of support.


By using our innovative Brilliant Meetings® process we have established a track record of success in helping organizations achieve the breakthroughs they seek.

Our vision and mission is to help client organizations, regardless of size, achieve needed breakthroughs by harnessing the power of effective, results-oriented collaboration.


Helping organizations achieve breakthroughs