Ron Sanderson


Ron K. Sanderson is a recognized expert in coaching executives and teams on collaborative breakthroughs. His experience includes more than twenty five years in the oil & gas industry, initially with Texaco Inc., where he served as special internal consultant to management. More recently, he has been designing and facilitating successful change management and strategy development projects for Chevron, Hess and other oil & gas firms. Ron has also worked with clients in manufacturing, banking and advertising.


To help client organizations, regardless of size, achieve needed breakthroughs by harnessing the power of effective results-oriented collaboration. We understand the challenges of collaborative breakthroughs and developed our Brilliant Meetings® process to make it happen.


We have designed and conducted numerous organization transformation processes credited with delivering major breakthroughs and turnarounds. Among the following projects completed at one major global oil company, several are credited with contributing from 10 to 100 million dollars in direct annual bottom line improvement:

In addition to contributing significant operational improvements, projects utilizing our powerful Brilliant Meetings® process have consistently earned exceptional buy-in from employees and management in client organizations.

Helping organizations achieve breakthroughs